“Abba” is not “Daddy”

the untangling said:    Since “Abba” is always used as “Abba Father” in the new testament, I’ve never liked the overly casual use of “daddy” and “papa” many in charismania are in the habit of using. But even more than that, I see an over-arching casual-ness that displays itself in believing the redeemed humans are equal (or almost) to the Redeemer; in the power of our words, or our “prophetic acts’ or any number of things.

If you are surrounded by those referring to Almighty God as “Daddy” or “Papa” who is “always in a good mood,” please consider the information in the above post from For the Love of His Truth. Don’t just brush it aside. Read it with an objective lens.

Words DO have meaning, and we should be careful to keep our words in line with the original intent of the writers of scripture if we believe they wrote under the power of the Holy Spirit.

For the Love of His Truth


Charismatics love to use the word “Daddy” when they refer to God. Praise the Lord, however,  for the Scriptures that reveal the truth to us.

Many years ago, while I was still attending a Charismatic church, a speaker on the day referred to God as his daddy. It irks me when people speak of God in such a derogatory way.  Who are we then, to bring God down to our level? It is shameful to say the least.)

We are called to show reverence, humility and honour to God.
Somehow “Daddy” just doesn’t cut it in that regard.

Jesus Himself never used such terminology and He knew God better than anyone else, being the Son of God.

Jesus said:

Father take this cup from me.
Our Father who art in heaven.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
Go into your closet and pray to your Father.


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