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Any time the focus of a Christian conference is not Jesus and what He has done by his atoning death on the cross (for His glory, because He is true to His name) should be a red flag of warning for believers attending.

On M’Kayla’s Korner a video was referenced where a well known ‘worship leader’ was telling a tale of his/her awesome vision which confirms his/her awesomeness.  Those talks that make one think: “I want to have a walk like hers,” “I wish God loved me like that,” “wow, he’s really anointed,”  etc., should make one sit up, take notice, and ask some difficult questions.

“Just what is being promoted here?”

When individual personalities are held up as “anointed;”  enjoy a certain amount of celebrity that is rampant in American Christian culture; given a platform in front of thousands; and then spend the time talking about themselves, one should wonder who is getting the glory. Who am thinking about? Is the Lord Jesus the focus? Or is what He can do for me the focus?

I saw it over and over again in these circles, speakers spending literally hours and hours talking about their own awesome experiences. I attended conferences and meetings where the guest speaker’s ENTIRE time “preaching” was about them: Their experiences, their ministry, their dreams, their visions, their manifestations (and of course their latest book about all of the above).

Jesus was an addendum, a tag line, an after thought. It was almost as if a voice was going to come over the speakers, “For more about Jesus, see Appendix B in your program.”

I’ve gotten a little sarcastic, but it isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s a serious hindrance. The saddest part is that all of this ME-ness and LATEST AWESOME PERSONALITY celebrity-ism is such a weak, weak substitute for a genuine humble dependence on the Glorious Lord Jesus Who never changes and holds the wisdom of the ages.