Objection Overruled!


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I ran across this blog post at Spiritual Sounding Board regarding contempt in the pulpit. The post refers to work done at Futurist Guy discussing contempt as a tool  used by Mark Driscoll.

I know very little about Mark Driscoll or his books, but I do know something about contempt oozing from the pulpit of my CLB’s. Nothing shuts down dissenting opinions quite like the anyone-who-disagrees-with-me-is-an-idiot technique.

I remember one meeting (boy, there were LOTS of meetings) about church loyalty/loyalty to leadership. A book -required reading- was being discussed. One of the up and coming leaders stated, “If you have any problem with this book, YOU have a problem.”

Discussion effectively over.

The post at Sounding Board is worth a read because it underlines the fact that preachers/pastors/leaders who use contempt to silence objection are doing it knowingly. It results in the submission they need to escape accountability.

For a more humorous look at the way contempt might creep into our lives, check out the video below from Messy Mondays: Five Ways to Shut Down A Healthy Debate.  On this level we may all be vulnerable. Worth a self check.