There are some acronyms and terminology I use in my posts. Some are used in quotes, meaning they have a certain connotation to the charismatic church, not necessarily held to by the rest of Christiandom, or the scriptures themselves.

CLB – church left behind.   I don’t know who coined this term.

charismania– ok so much for not getting sarcastic. As you suspect this is a blending of the words charismatic, as in charismatic church, and mania– meaning the excesses prevalent in many charismatic church settings.

church– I usually use this term the way people use it in conversation, meaning  a particular group of people who usually meet in a particular place and a particular time, as in saying I go to such-and-such church. I know there is a more exact Biblical understanding of the word.

PM– prophetic movement. While the Bible is full of prophecy, why do we need a ‘movement’ which has its own terms and practices as a sub set of the true church?

worship – Used in many charismatic circles where it means the musical part of a  service as opposed to the biblical meaning of living our entire lives as a sacrifice. As in “The worship was awesome.” “You guys really rocked the worship.”


4 thoughts on “Glossary”

  1. anointing – whenever you like what is going on (sarcasm on). As in “oh that song was so anointed!” meaning – I really liked it.

    Seed – aka money. As in sow your seed (give an offering) even though the plain teaching of scripture is that the seed is the word of God not money.

    spiritual warfare – yelling long and loud at demons, stamping your foot for good measure and thump the person over the head with your bible.

    Feel free to add more 🙂

  2. Javanut,

    Anointing – Yes, that term was often used as some kind of God stamp of approval, when all it really reflected was personal preference.

    Seed- when I finally saw that, I could not believe how many times I had heard that misinterpreted and misapplied. It’s mortifying to look back and see how I was so blind to the obvious.

    Spiritual Warfare – again a Biblical concept, but so very misapplied in my experiences.

    When I was in the prophetic/charismania mvmt, the double meanings were very confusing, very hard to get a handle on, and a major part of why I could not see what was ‘wrong’ although I had those persistent little question marks in my head.

    I find myself using single quotes a lot because I want to convey what was taught, what words were used, but it is not the Biblical meaning. That’s going to be a constant struggle.

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