About this Blog

About this Blog

I’ve shied away from it for along time, but a few months ago a friend was telling me about her co-worker who is newly tied up in charismaniacal teachings (see glossary). This woman is so busy trying to figure out what generational curses are holding her back and what demons are active among her children’s classmates, that she cannot see straight. It all sounded so familiar, a real blast from the past, and I realized there are people still being pulled into this stuff. Maybe my experiences could help.

I won’t be posting long, academic treatments of the various teachings common to charismania with attending rebuttals. It just isn’t my style or the goal of this blog. I will, however, try to point to good websites that do just that. I feel my approach is to write succinct, focused posts easily read by those browsing for information. The person I hope to reach is the person I was a few years ago: The believer who hears teaching and sees practices in their Christian church that cause them to have those little, nagging doubts that what they see and hear are truly Biblical. It is very likely that person has no one to turn to for fear their questions will be met with suspicion and/or rebuke.

About the Blogger

You can read more on the General About page, but I thought it important to answer a few questions:

  1. I’m not cessationist, but I am over the hyped up meeting style and poor teaching prevalent in American charismatic churches and the corresponding apostolic/prophetic movement.
  2. I still believe in prophecy, but my definition has had a major overhaul.
  3. I still believe God ‘speaks’ to us in the sense that He leads and guides us. Praying to know His will in daily decisions like moves, jobs, raising kids, helping others, etc. is valid. He may choose to ‘answer’ us in a variety of ways, all at His discretion. God could, if He chose, even use a dream to direct us. He did it for Paul and Peter and Joseph and John, it’s just that now I see that 99.99999% of our dreams are not a message from God, no matter how vivid they are.
  4. Yes, I attend a local church. The pastors of said local church hold scripture in the highest regard. It is handled with care and accuracy that brings tears to my eyes. Questions are answered with scriptural references,  “I’m not sure, but X verse says……” is an actual answer I have heard more than once. The leaders are not trying to build their own kingdom, sell books or CD’s, or have the next biggest conference.   It does not have a bookstore. (smiley face emoticon here)
  5. I do not try to figure out if someone is ‘saved’ or not. I simply compare what is taught to what the Bible teaches. I am not against those who name names, it just isn’t what I feel led to do. I’d rather just look at the words that come out of people’s mouths and decide if I should be listening or not.
  6. Words have meaning. I like Bible words. They are usually the best words for Biblical topics. I am not afraid of sounding too “Bible-y.”

About the Design

I went through a half dozen themes before I found this one called Chateau. I was drawn to the simplicity of the design as it reflects my goal to keep this blog very simple, easy to browse, and easy to digest. I then went through half a dozen black and white header images, but I kept coming back to the default image. It just works, and actually, it’s pretty symbolic of my journey through the prophetic movement and charismania: Lots of pretty new things, but it’s all just a repeat of the thing before.


4 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Redeeming the Time said:

    Hello – I like the design of your blog – very tasteful and peacelike. I am glad that you came forth out of the deception and into the light although the journey was probably a trail of tears. The Lord delivers us out of things in order to help others and you were wise to weigh it all out and wait for the right time and place. Too many people go off half-baked and do more harm than good.

    I am curious about one thing. It seems to be a trend in “discernment blogs” in general not to focus on what the blogster considers biblical doctrine. It is sound doctrine that needs to be defended in this age of error and false teaching. I wonder if you would consider posting a simple Statement of Faith covering how you stand on the plan of salvation and other basics of the faith. Perhaps your church has one on which you could model.

    I think that would be helpful for those who are struggling to find their moorings in all the confusion of our times. I realize that people can post doctrinal statements and they are simply window dressing, but that should not negate others doing it in a sincere and honest way. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for your efforts and may the Lord richly bless you!

    • Hi Redeeming. I certainly know what you mean about finding your moorings, and believe me, when I came out of bad/poor/sloppy/false teachings the last thing I wanted to do was go slogging around through a blog only to find out it was just another iteration of crazy doctrine!

      I will take your suggestion to heart. I don’t necessarily think it is a conscious trend to not have a statement of faith among bloggers, but I have a feeling most of us see ourselves as just everyday people, not theologians, so it just doesn’t cross our minds.

      Thank you for your input. In the meantime, I believe Jesus to be the only (ONLY) begotten Son of God, born of a virgin as scripture prophesied, lived a sinless life, was crucified on a cross and buried, was resurrected, and is now sitting at the right hand of God. He will come again – in the flesh- to judge the living and the dead.

  2. This has been my experience as well (WOF) and so happy Jesus has given me freedom from this. I was trapped but am really consulting the Bible now. I now visit PalTalk for our bible study hosted by Steve Lumbly of apostasty watch on Fridays at 7:00pm central time & Sundays 8:00am central. God Bless, Noel

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