Flee from Babylon

A question a good brother posted on facebook.. [edit wording]

If you were looking for a gathering of fellow believers and had the flexibility to specify your top three criteria, what would they be? Why?

1) As free from roman catholic leaven as possible (clergy-laity divide, religious titles, 501c, denominational names, etc)

Because Jesus is dishonored by these things, they keep even the few true saints in that system in spiritual infancy by mocking Christs and the apostles teachings. He died so that we would all be brethren, that the elders would be the lessers, that His body would be built up through its many members learning to function in their God given gifting. A place where I am closer with the brethren then I was with my worldly friends before I was saved, where we are connected effectually through Christ and not through a program or structure.

2) A…

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