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When I left the prophetic movement and got around some careful teachers of the Word of God, I realized I had been been taught a wrong approach to understanding scripture. We read the Bible, quoted the Bible, thought we were cherishing the Bible, but it all came apart in the understanding and application to our lives.

Please take the time to read this article from The Reformed Traveler.  Can the Bible Ever Mean What it Never Meant?: The Mystical Quest – Allegory Abuse of the Bible. It highlights one of the main misuses and sloppy teaching practices of charismania and the prophetic movement: Allegory.

I also highly recommend listening to the ten part hermeneutics class found at Twin City Fellowship.

Common allegorical teachings of the prophetic movement include:

Joel’s Army

Bridal Paradigm

Joseph Anointing

Taking the Land

Pastor as King/Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed