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Re-posted from Apostasy Watch articles*

One morning before a Sunday service I was praying and praising God and thanking Him for opening us to His new move. I sensed the Lord tell me to “take the catchers away.” Now please understand, in my pride, I thought God was going to do something new through us. As we would take the catchers away people would still fall down but would not be hurt thus validating that indeed this movement was of Him…..guess what? We still pray for people, even lay hands on them for healing, but no one, not one person has been slain in the spirit since we took the catchers away.

This is a very interesting and honest account from a pastor in Indiana whose little congregation got caught up in the Pensacola revival. Read more at Take the Catchers Away!


* Here is my blurb about how I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the Apostasy Watch website, but I thought this article worth sharing. Actually, I know very little about the site.