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I was reminded of a story I heard a pastor tell. A young man came into the pastor’s office all dejected and downcast. He poured his heart out and confessed that he had spent the last few years drinking, drugging, carousing, and ignoring his Christian beliefs. In short, he’d been going against the Spirit of God, sinning, and wasting his time, talents and health, not to mention hurting other people.

“The worst part is,” said the young man, “I feel so guilty.”

The pastor just looked at him and said, “Well, you should feel guilty. You are.”

This post is categorized as Common Teachings of the Prophetic/Charismatic Movements.  It’s not so much a specific teaching as a common tendency to steer away from the straight, hard, Biblical, truth such as the pastor in the story was willing to state. IF the bulk of teaching you hear goes something like “you are a prince/princess of the Most High,” “you were born to reign,” finding your “destiny,” your “God DNA,” “you’ll stand before kings,” etc., your caution is appropriate.

The attitude that preaching the gospel equals continuously hyping up the congregation, over time, it will produce a people who think so highly of themselves- or more aptly- keep trying to think highly of themselves, that real life becomes something surreal.